- Managed Disaster Recovery Services -

Managed Disaster Recovery Services

The question is not if a disaster could happen, but when will it occur; and eventually how well prepared you are for that unfortunate situation.

Robust Disaster Recovery is a fundamental cornerstone of business assurance and continuity. Our team of dedicated experts deliver end-to-end services giving you peace of mind for all of your business continuity concerns. CDMA’s Managed Disaster Recovery service is a custom-fit, flexible DR solution that ensures the minimization of business impact and preservation of SLA service when the incident occurs. Both an on-premise or cloud DR architecture can be designed, implemented, managed and regularly tested by CDMA’s experienced engineers in order to deliver true and high-performance recovery of your data. Combined with our Managed Backup service, our Disaster Recovery solution encapsulates robustness and peace of mind.



  • Reduced downtime/Rapid failover
  • Minimization of RTO and RPO according to your specific requirements
  • Integrated Data Security and Protection
  • High availability in our local owned Data Center
  • Cost-effective, scalable, customized solution
  • Ability to focus on your core business
  • Ensure data compliance


  • DR consultation, design and deployment
  • Configuration and Automated Secure Replication
  • Off-site Virtualization
  • Complete end-to-end backup management
  • DR Management: Annual or upon request DR drills, DR failover/failback testing and data integrity verification
  • Maintenance and Monitoring: Licence Maintenance, Patch Management, 24x7 monitoring)