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QSecure is a registered trademark of CDMA Services Ltd, a company that provides information communication and technology (ICT) services but also specializes in the provision of information security and risk management services.

We are a company that specializes in the provision of information security and risk management services. Our security consulting team consists of a number of highly skilled and extremely motivated and dedicated security specialists whose aim is to provide value adding risk advisory services to companies worldwide.

Our security assessment, management and training services can help you assess and mitigate the risks that threaten your organization's information assets and impact your business-critical operations and reputational image. We can help you implement the right security processes and procedures to improve your security posture seamlessly and efficiently, without affecting your normal business operations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is a valuable first step in discovering the vulnerabilities in your network devices, servers, and applications. It is a cheap way to quickly get a clear understanding of how vulnerable your systems are to attack.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing provides the most thorough test of security defenses. Security professionals will scrutinize all hosts in scope for any weakness or piece of information that could be used by an attacker to compromise a system and disrupt data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Internal & External Infrastructure

Web & Mobile Applications

Desktop Applications


Red Team Operations

The service is most effective for companies that are mature in the Information Security field and have performed multiple penetration testing engagements. Red Teaming tests the effectiveness of the company’s security processes, personnel and technology by emulating the techniques, tactics and procedures employed by highly sophisticated adversaries.

Security Awareness

Apart from the technical controls a company takes, the Security Awareness of the employees is crucial to successfully implement a defense in depth model. QSecure offers the following services to assist organizations in improving their awareness level and overall security posture:

Advanced training for developers on secure coding practices

Advanced training for IT teams

Training for management & end-users

Social engineering attacks (phishing/vishing simulations, physical entrance to building) on end-users to assess current awareness level

Incident Handling & Forensics

QSecure can help organizations develop, maintain, test and update incident response procedures to increase their incident handling capabilities and react to security breaches in an orderly manner. Furthermore, QSecure's Forensic Investigation services can help organizations investigate breaches in security, gather evidence, recover any compromised systems and resolve the issues that caused the incident. 

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