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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines the leadership role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a key role in facilitating regulatory compliance. Although GDPR does not specifically require the appointment of a DPO for every organization, it is highly encouraged as a matter of good practice and due diligence demonstration to appoint one.

Many organisations, especially the smaller ones, may find challenging to assign the DPO’s responsibilities internally, given the breadth of knowledge required in data processing and data security fields, legal aspects of GDPR as well as the time and cost needed for delivering these services. On the other hand, the Regulation allows organisations to outsource the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to an external provider and this is where CDMA Services Ltd DPO as a Service offering comes in!

Our company provides you with the entire expertise of our team and can appoint a person as your company’s data protection officer (DPO) if needed.  Our DPO as a Service solution is flexibly tailored to your business unique requirements, in close collaboration with top level management and key personnel, with the scope of helping your organization integrate an end to end comprehensive data privacy framework.


What are the benefits of an having an external DPO:

Cost-effectiveness compared to an internal appointment.

Application of best practices in achieving and maintaining compliance with the GDPR.

Keeping focus on business operations by outsourcing data protection related activities.

Access to independent DPO expertise which is characterised by a team of experts with different specialities

Providing continuity of service by combining on-site and remote support and taking advantage of a DPO team which builds redundancy and business continuity

Mitigation of the conflict of interest between the DPO and other business activities which increases the accountability and level of transparency for your organization.


Service Areas

What services are included in our DPO as a Service offering:

Risk Assessment and risk mitigation advice

Employee awareness and training program

Additional managed DPO services as required

Adverse data event (data breach) management

Policy and procedure creation, management or reviews

Data Protection Impact Assessment creation, support or reviews

Contact point for supervisory authorities and regulatory enquiries

Advice about Privacy-by-Design in new systems and applications

Consultation with management and Data Protection Professionals

Contract reviews (including client/supplier, employee, contractors and more)

Advice and guidance on responses to privacy rights requests from individuals

Compliance monitoring and annual compliance statement and documentation

Why ChooseUsCDMA

Because we have years of proven experience in auditing GDRP: Our company was the first company to be selected among other Tenders to be exclusively conducting GDPR Audits on behalf of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Protection.

Because Information Security and Data Protection is our core business: We have been enforcing best practises on data security and processing fields for more than 8 years with a track record of satisfied customers from all business sectors.

Because we train and engage our personnel to be certified on all aspects of Data Protection and our expertise and know-how on all ICT fields is at the highest level.