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ISMS Audit & Consulting

In today’s world, it is not enough to just claim you are secure; prospective customers, potential or existing partners as well as stakeholders ask for proof. That is why organizations need to comply to internationally recognized standards in order to compete within the global marketplace. A customized Information Security Management System (ISMS) tailored to the risk profile of your organisation and based on globally recognized information security frameworks such as ISO 27000 or NIST Cyber Security framework, is the way to go to both keep and certify your information assets and processes are secure.


CDMA Services Ltd will help your organization implement and maintain a cost-effective ISMS through the deep knowledge and excellent information security background of its team of experts. This will benefit your organization with a significantly enhanced security posture and ability to demonstrate compliance to mandatory requirements and legislation. Our company, a well-trusted Managed Security Service Provider, has a proven track in auditing and assisting business from various sectors to achieve and sustain a powerful ISMS framework through its ISMS Audit and Consulting Services.

ISMS Audit Service

CDMA Services Ltd ISMS Compliance Audit Service cover the People, Process and Technology assets of the organization to detect and report any gaps in security objectives. Our ISMS audit is performed in order to ensure that the organization continually operates in accordance with the specified policies, procedures and external requirements in meeting its goals and objectives regarding information security. Our ISMS experts also aim to ensure that improvements to the ISMS are identified, implemented and suitable to achieve.


Our audit methodology includes:

Initial Scoping Meeting: An initial discussion with t takes places in order to understand the objectives define the scope of the engagement.

Pre-Audit Information Gathering: Request and review all ISMS related policies and procedures, organizational diagrams and any other information security and confidentiality documents

Audit Planning: Plan the Audit Fieldwork according to the organization’s business schedule, working hours and focus on areas identified in previous steps.

Audit Fieldwork: This phase includes among others, desk-site interviews with employees, evaluation of technical controls on customer’s premises, observation of procedures and data flows etc

Audit Compliance Report: An executive summary and a detailed report is provided to customer, containing any compliance gaps identified by risk severity and accompanied by recommendations on how to implement or improve controls and procedures to minimize risk.

Audit Follow-Up: Aligned to the findings of the report, a follow-up review can be conducted in order to evaluate the adequacy, effectiveness, and timeliness of actions taken by the organization on reported recommendations.


ISMS Consulting Services

CDMA Services Ltd provides high-quality and robust ISMS Consulting Services which include:

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Strategy/Framework Selection

ISMS Scope Definition

Risk Assessment

Risk Management/Treatment Plan determination

ISMS Gap Assessment/Analysis

ISMS Document set delivery

ISMS Rollout (technical control implementation and policies/procedures enforcement)

ISMS Ongoing Maintenance and Support

ISO 27001 Certification Support

User and Awareness Training

Incident Management Support