- Network Management -


We take over the design, implementation, monitoring and day-to-day management of your whole network infrastructure, as your dedicated IT support. Our fully managed end-to-end network services help you focus on your core business and enhance your company's productivity, in a flexible, secure and cost effective manner.


Router management is critical to network's operation. Managing routers in today's complex and demanding networks can become a resource-intensive task that prevents technical expertise from focusing on actual business functions. CDMA provides an end-to-end,  reliable and secure premise based solution that includes:

Network design upon customer needs

Cost effective equipment

Initial Router Confiruration

Change Management



CDMA offers a variety of managed L2/L3 PoE switches  with added capabilities that give businesses greater control over data transport and user access, which in turn improves network operation and efficiency. CDMA's managed LAN implementation provides a strong foundation that offers:

Routine monitoring

Easy management of issues

Better diagnostic ability

LAN traffic segmentation and prioritization & Improved QoS

User authorization and security

Scalability for future expansion


Network security is a top priority for today's business and firewalls are the fundamental building blocks for the optimized perimeter security needed to protect your organization’s networks and applications. CDMA offers robust and fully customized managed firewall services that may include:

Dedicated firewall from top vendors

Firewall configuration and maintenance

Next Generation Firewall options (web filtering, application filtering)

Intrusion Detection/Protection (IDS/IPS)

System administration, updates, patches, backup, storage and monitoring

Fast notification in case of breaches



CDMA's fully managed antivirus solution maximises your business' protection against hard to detect threats and both known and potential viruses. The services provided include:

Remote management and configuration of antivirus agent

High availability & flexibility

Anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-virus protection

Safe browsing, parental control

Personal firewall and host IPS

Data protection and application scanning


CDMA's managed Wi-Fi solution is a unique customizable approach to fully managed, world-class Wi-Fi system to locations of all sizes. The services and features offered as part of this solution are:

Wireless site surveys and health checks

Full solution design including security, scalability and availability

Wifi analytics, location tracking technology and real-time reporting

Top vendor's equipment installation, operation and maintenance



CDMA's managed VPN will enable you to securely interconnect your branches and multiple business locations as well as your remote users to the company's network without installing private lines or purchasing expensive VPN equipment. Managed VPN services offered by CDMA offer the following features:

Multiple VPN technologies

High availability & flexibility

Secure end-to-end encrypted connections

Two-factor authentication option

Monitoring & Reporting