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Systems Monitoring

Computer systems are the core of operations for all companies. While a PC is very important, we focus on the service side of the infrastructure which are servers, storage, network databases and more. 

Services are vital for your everyday operations in every line of business thus making it imperative to be monitored and be secure through-out its life cycle.

By monitoring services on servers, PC's and the infrastructure as whole enabled us to:

Prevent Application Crashes

Be Proactive instead of Reactive

Servers & PCs health checks

Minimize costly outages


Asset Inventory

We help you keep track and manage IT assets in your organization from moment of purchase to disposal phase.
Along with inventory we also record who has been using certain licenses/hardware through-out its lifecycle.
Some benefits are:

Manage & monitor assets in your organization

Manage all IT asset lifecycle

Analyze report to repurpose forgotten assets

Tag items with asset labels (ownership)

Automation & Prevention

At CDMA we are proactive by auditing all systems periodically and have automated procedures to remediate issues before they appear as problems.

Periodic Tests and Audits

Live alerting for all enrolled systems

Full history log

Prevention by automating tasks


IT Security

Security threats becoming common, and data being the most valuable part of your organization, we focus in the security aspect of your whole setup.
Some of the benefits that come from a CDMA solution are:

Least privilege approach

Detect intrusion attempts

Fully managed patching of all systems & 3rd party applications

Block Viruses, SPAM, Phishing and more

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